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My Work
Sound Showreel


Brawl for the Relic
Brawl for the Relic

(stop motion)


A 2-minute stop motion by Jeremy Jacq from BA Animation at UWE Bristol. It follows 3 knights who battle over a golden chalice. I was the sound designer and created all the foley in my bedroom using keys and kitchen utensils, recorded voiceovers, and sourced SFX.




A 1-minute video I created for an experimental module as part of my BA Filmmaking course at UWE Bristol. I filmed and recorded machines all around Weston Super Mare Pier to create a soundscape that complements the chaotic visuals of the arcade.

Pork Chopped
Pork Chopped

(short film)


My entry for Exeter Phoenix's '48hr Film Challenge' where you had to make a short film to a brief within a weekend. It revolves around a pig whose ordinary day is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of an ex-lover. It required me creating foley and sourcing SFX from libraries. Winner of the Audience Choice Award in the South West Filmathon.

Harold & Mittens
Harold & Mittens

(stop motion)


Inspired by the film 'A Town Called Panic', this slapstick comedy follows an old man and his cat who try to defend themselves against a sudden bear attack. It involved me creating foley and sourcing SFX from libraries. Runner-up for Into Film's 'Film of the Month' competition and official selection for ENIMATION and YOUKI film festivals.


Suzie Topolska

Howdy! I'm Suzie Topolska, an aspiring sound designer based in Bristol, UK. I'm interested in children's media and experienced in tracklaying and mixing in Pro Tools, audio repair in iZotope RX, music production in Logic Pro, dialogue editing, creating foley, sourcing SFX, and field/studio recording. My mini studio can be viewed here. In my free time, I also love creating family comedy short films which can be found on my YouTube channel.


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